Running Parachute – A Primer

Published: 12th September 2011
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Runners always have the desire of increasing speed and developing endurance. That is why runners train harder and do different workouts to aid them in meeting their ultimate goals. Cross training, treadmill running or trail running are usually done by athletes for the purpose of making their runs a bit harder than they usually do. Others also indulge in acquiring different running aids or tools like a running parachute.

Running parachutes are manufactured from nylons of higher quality that can withstand severe weather conditions. It weighs less thus making it more comfortable to bring anywhere. This running tool has a belt that can easily be strapped on the runner’s waist. When the athlete starts to run, the running parachute catches air adding more resistance to the runner’s every movement. The resistance or drag varies with every runner. The faster the movement, the greater is the resistance. If the athlete is a slow runner, the drag will be less.

As the runner starts to run, the drag made by the running parachute must be compensated. The runner needs to double his effort and work hard in order to overcome the resistance. This doubling of effort will cause the runner to increase his strength and improve his running speed as the training progresses.

A running parachute may be commonly used by sprinters, but it doesn’t mean that they are exclusively made for them. The misconception that running parachutes can benefit sprinters only is now a belief of the past. Distance runners may also use this running tool and still acquire the same benefits or results as sprinter’s do, using it properly. During interval training, runners can utilize running parachutes to aid them as they do their sprints on short intervals. The parachute benefits are maximized when it is used on a straight track. Longer runs that involve curves are not advisable since the direction of the wind affects the effectively of the parachute.

Running parachutes are not complicated so they can be used and strapped to the waist without the need of an assistant. Its quick-release strap can help you get out of it faster. So, basically, it is very easy to use.The belt is adjustable to fit different sizes and can easily be folded and kept after using. The cost may be a little higher but with its offered benefits, it’s worth the price. Overall, your running parachute is a good investment.

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